I don't like his attitude. (Destiny)

by Speedracer513 @, Dallas, Texas, Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 19:33 (3288 days ago) @ Funkmon

Just watching the stream, he just seems like a jerk, and that he was trying really hard to make it his own stream. He injected personality into it, but there are ways to do that without trying to gain control of an entire situation.

Then he posted that HE was MAKING Deej post about commendations in the weekly update? Really guy? What a shit. I hope he is playing a character for that, and I hope too that he learns it doesn't always have to be on.


FWIW, Gothalion streams Destiny daily, and consistently has several thousand people watching him whenever he is online. He is always at the top of the list in terms of active viewers (on the Destiny page). Deej has mentioned that they at Bungie watch Gothalion (and some of the other streamers) on a daily basis, and Deej even pops up in his chat from time to time. They clearly knew what Goth's style is and they asked him to be the guy for this stream for a reason.

Obviously you (and you're not alone) didn't like him, but I actually thought he did a great job and made the stream pretty enjoyable. I also appreciated that he asked some of the tough questions that the community is asking on a daily basis. Bungie obviously doesn't want to talk much about the lack of a raid and wants to keep the focus on the Prison of Elders and other "end-game" content. I though Goth did a great job at bringing it up without harping on it or being a jerk at all. Goth has been one of the most outspoken supporters of Destiny since day one - while still being a great community ambassador by not shying away from what most of us feel would make the game better.

I think part of the perceived awkwardness of this stream was more due to the fact that Deej was clearly a bit more nervous than he usually is - probably because he was very cautious about not letting out any information they don't want to talk about yet, and that there were almost 150,000 people watching the stream (I suspect they weren't expecting anywhere near that many - their other streams usually average 20-30k)

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