Actually it works all the way to max level. (Destiny)

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I dunno about you, but that's a lot of work for me. Sure, you can do it within 3 days, still a lot of unfun work. If you put yourself through it, I wouldn't object you getting whatever thing you want in whatever quantity you'd like.

One day of leveling = 3 more Nightfall/Weekly/Raid drops permanently until Destiny 2 (and beyond)... That seems a bit skewed.

I think the 'unfun work' mentioned above is powering through the 1-20 progression in 3 days (or even worse, in 1). That's a LOT of repetition! (There's no way to wear that gear you've vaulted until you hit 20, after all.)

I took my Hunter from 11 to 20 in one single evening of Crucible. The matches were fun, I got to learn more ins and outs of my character, and the minute I hit 20, I had enough gear to bump it up to VoG-readyness. Crucible rewards a LOT of XP, but I could have gotten there way faster if I had just one person ferrying me through the XP-granting story missions.

I did the same thing for Sammy's Warlock. Just went into Crucible, and wrecked with the Khvostov and Preacher shotgun (literally the first two weapons you get in the game). It was challenging, but fun, and didn't take all that long. Second that I hit 20, her random drops got her up to 29. Right now, her warlock has 20 hours, 20 minutes total of playtime since she made it, and it's already done two Crota runs, has enough gear to hit 31, and is reaping Exotics from Nightfalls...
That's one day of playtime.

Wasn't disagreeing with the unfun work part :) I just know there were people willing to do it to be the first to get to 30/32, so there would definitely be people willing to do it otherwise.

I personally know some people who were doing it three or four times a week. They'd make a new alt, power through the Story, wrap up the Crucible bounties, give themselves their Main gear, and run the raids and Nightfalls. Soon as that was done, they'd delete the character and do it again. Never took them long, and they hit 32 pretty much the first week or so of the DLC dropping. These are people with jobs, who felt that the process was simple and quick enough for one string of rewards.

Adding Cody's Trade system would mean that instead of Deleting their new chracters, they could just keep them on standby to run more Nightfalls, Raids, and events. Repeat with new characters ad nauseam.

It's not nearly as much work as it seems. And even doing it once, it's not really all that boring since you can do the parts that you like anyway.

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