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by Revenant1988 ⌂ @, How do I forum?, Thursday, February 14, 2013, 09:11 (4082 days ago) @ bluerunner

Reading though the responses, it seems that there's good evidence that Destiny (at least the first game) will be just on the 360 and PS3. If so, I don't have any incentive to pick up the new Xbox if it comes out this fall. I just don't have time to get into a lot of new games anymore, and right now Destiny is at the top of my list.

I guess that's good for my wallet, but I have been wanting a shiny new console. I just can't justify getting one if it doesn't have the game I'm going to be playing.

I'm about the same. On the original xbox I played a lot of games beyond Halo. Once I got a 360 that changed. I need to know more about what kind of game it will be. I don't like MMOs but I can give it a chance. I just hope it doesn't require HUGE investments in terms of time. I just don't have it :(

What will be really interesting to see I think, is how many folks from here will continue to play Halo and Destiny. Will people be excited for Halo 5? Will it even matter if its a good game if Destiny trumps it?

As I learned in my thread below, seems like there are more people than I thought who are ready to be "done" with Halo. Ready for something else, part ways, etc.

Lots of long term things to watch here...

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