Excellent job guys! (DBO)

by red robber @, Crawfish Country, Monday, June 29, 2015, 14:26 (2353 days ago) @ Beorn

I really enjoyed the listen. It was good to hear your opinions, rather than simply reading them on the forum. It was also nice to get some first hand info on the new Taken King stuff, not just watching some rando on a YouTube channel.

How about if you guys had some specific segments in the show? I sometimes listen to the Guardian Radio, and they break down the show into little bites. Like the audio grimoire section, (not that I'm suggesting that you do audio grimoire, and not that I'm not suggesting that either :).

For example. What if you had a DBO member segment that featured a live member for about 5 to 10 minutes? Get basic Bio info about them, ask their opinions about stuff, maybe have them bring a unique game tweak of their own to discuss? I just think it would be cool to hear from more of us.

Maybe you could pick a Forum Topic of the month to discuss? Something that was a hot button issue or particularly funny story.

How about a Trials/PvP specific segment? Maybe talk about the past few maps played in trials, discuss some strategies. Have Zero on as a guest to share his skills. It made me smile when Xenos (I think) mentioned how good he is. I play with him a bit, and he's very humble about it. I'd also like to hear from some of the PS4 guys too. Cody and Cruel seem to be awesome at it too.

Ask an Admin. A section where you have listeners submit random questions to be answered by the admin team.

I think anything that 1. Involves the community, and 2. helps you guys generate content blocks more efficiently would be good for all of us. I think it would garner even more interest, and allow for perhaps an easier time to put together a show on a monthly basis. Also, I don't really have great multimedia skills, but I'd be glad to help in anyway, if it helps y'all out.

Appreciate the work!

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