DBO at PAX 2015 - Shirts (Destiny)

by kanbo @, Seattle, WA, Saturday, August 01, 2015, 00:50 (3215 days ago)

Whatchu know about shirts, player?

It's the annual "bungie.org PAX shirt" post again! A time honored tradition passed down from generation to generation, the yearly BORG shirt is a great way to show every one of your normie friends and family "Yeah, I play video games."


We've had some great shirts in the past; last year's is a personal favorite of mine. This year, I did something crazy and stupid- I made the design (traced a vector mask from a screenshot) myself. I wanted to go simple and understated, and I've gotten some pretty good feedback on what we have here.

It might be kind of hard to tell, but the inner part of the graphic has real, actual words in it. The preview images are kind of low resolution, but you can see a large, partial version here. I used text from the "Ghost Fragment: Mysteries" grimoire cards, as well as a couple more miscellaneous ones at the end of the graphic. The full text of the graphic can be found here.[image]

The shirts are available on Spreadshirt this year. There's a couple reasons that I'm offering them here rather than handling the printing and delivery myself this year. Part of it is that being the hub for all of this is kind of exhausting- finding a local print shop, setting up the design, coordinating with them, hauling and handing out shirts at PAX. With Spreadshirt, everyone can worry about their own delivery! How great! In addition to that, I don't have to handle any money (and if you're wondering, no, I don't make any money off of these shirts).

One of the best things about it is that it calls back to our first HBO/PAX shirt, in that there are a gaggle of color options. Each shirt in the shop is really just a design color; the shirt color can be customized to any of the options there. If you want a white shirt with a blue ghost on it, just choose one of the blue ghost designs (either the premium or standard tee), and change the shirt color on that page.

Obviously, anyone can order a shirt, whether you're going to PAX or not. However, there are a couple of disclaimers. I don't have quality control over the shirts that Spreadshirt prints, so even though I've given them a 4000x4000 vector graphic file, there are no guarantees on quality. I have faith that the text will come out fine and legible, but I can't promise anything.

Well... get to steppin', guardians.

Thanks to Xenos, Speedracer and Padraig on design feedback.

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