"No Time To Explain" (Destiny)

by Speedracer513 @, Dallas, Texas, Tuesday, August 04, 2015, 18:00 (2274 days ago) @ Zero
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According to The Legend Blue's twitter, this weapon is called "No Time To Explain" and has Black Hammer's old perk.

His Twitter feed currently contains dozens of tweets with little bits of information about TTK - including the map of the Dreadnaught, info about the Gunsmith offering guns on loan to try out, crucible quests, and a bunch of other stuff.

FWIW, The Legend Blue is a well-known person in the Destiny community, and he recently leaked something else (the GameStop Suros Pack stuff IIRC) - he is not one to troll so, while I would take any "leaks" with a grain of salt, I'm inclined to believe most, if not all, of the info he's been tweeting.

EDIT: Apparentky the info he is posting comes from the Game Informer article, which is available digitally today and in print in a week or so.

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