My laugh was embarrassing

by Quirel, Saturday, May 25, 2013, 21:22 (3986 days ago) @ Grizzlei

. . . And please don't call me Innie. It confuses the Halo Fan in me. O_o

You should have nothing to worry about if your loyalty to Earth is secure, but mmmkay. :)

I need to think of better pet names. How would you like "the D?"

Try "Bistro".

What is an insane drive? It would be a FTL engine that works on crazy principles.
What drive do we know works like that?
Try the Infinite Improbability Drive. Now try shortening that to a nickname. Doesn't work.
Now try the Bistromathematic Drive. Not only does it shorten to Bistro or BM, but it operates at right angles to common sense!

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