My laugh was embarrassing

by Cold, Sunday, May 26, 2013, 06:31 (3984 days ago) @ Quirel

. . . And please don't call me Innie. It confuses the Halo Fan in me. O_o

You should have nothing to worry about if your loyalty to Earth is secure, but mmmkay. :)

I need to think of better pet names. How would you like "the D?"

Try "Bistro".

What is an insane drive? It would be a FTL engine that works on crazy principles.
What drive do we know works like that?
Try the Infinite Improbability Drive. Now try shortening that to a nickname. Doesn't work.
Now try the Bistromathematic Drive. Not only does it shorten to Bistro or BM, but it operates at right angles to common sense!


...I always took his name in the context of having insane drive to achieve something, but I definitely approve of your tangents.

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