You're my density

by Ibeechu ⌂ @, Michigan, Friday, February 15, 2013, 04:39 (3463 days ago) @ RookB312

I'm way hoping that it's some form of MMO. I've always loved the idea of MMOs but I've never found one that I actually liked enough to get into as much as, say, Halo. At the moment I've been kind of looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online. But if I were to bet money on which game I'd get more into, ESO or a Bungie MMO, I'd bet on Bungie.

I'm looking forward to real innovation in a Bungie MMO (if that's even what Destiny will be). I have a feeling that there'll be a mechanic or some feature or something that will be purely Bungie, and it'll blow us all away.

so ya im exxite

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