What type of Game will Destiny be?

by yakaman, Friday, February 15, 2013, 10:15 (3465 days ago) @ SquallLeonE

The closest game that I think currently matches that description is EVE online, where massive and interesting events happen without the developers having a hand in it. I would cream my pants if Bungie pulled that off in an FPS game.

I might also. Some of the shenanigans I've read about EVE are awesome - it's almost as if it is a universe unto itself. The best of the Halo narrative was minimalist. In Halo 1 there was almost no story exposition. There was extremely limited narration via Cortana and 343GS.

GS's comments where the most important, the most "WTF am I missing?" in the entire series. And, one may have missed them entirely during the Library. Where only trace structure existed, community exposition flourished.

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