Calling all Video Animators. Bounty posted within.

by ncsuDuncan @, Sunday, June 02, 2013, 15:54 (3975 days ago)


E3 is right around the corner, and a handful of DBO staffers will be there to witness the proceedings. While I won't foolishly promise tons of video coverage, it's quite likely we'll have some sort of camera on hand whenever permissible.

Here's how you can add some class to our community footage: Help us create a title card (e.g. intro animation) for official DBO videos!

If we decide to use something you created, you'll get a free DBO shirt! (Once shirts are available, that is. It should be relatively soon - we've got a design we like and have already started work on a limited test run of shirts. More details to come in a week or two.)

Please keep in mind, this isn't a contest - it's a bounty. That means we could end up going with multiple entries, or none at all. Anyone that creates something we decide to use will get a shirt though.

Technical details:

Tentative Deadline: Monday, June 10th. (Though as soon as you have something worth showing off feel free to post a link to it in this thread. This is a collaboration, not a contest! Sorry for the short notice; hopefully we can get this together before E3 starts, but Monday is not a strict deadline if more time is needed.)

Bonus project: Make a clip with a 3D/extruded version of the DBO logo that we can shrink and put in the corner of a video. (Be sure to use alpha channels for transparency!)

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