So, What's Your Set? (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Wednesday, January 08, 2020, 11:34 (287 days ago)

Y'know, playing through Destiny 2 after so long, having so many new items come in and out, it puts things into a bit of a thinking mood. In Destiny 1, I had a perfect loadout for my armament and my appearance, finely tuned to look as badass as possible. I never really had the time during D2, and the shader spiderweb was a constant nightmare, so I never decided to bother. Once I really sat down and examined what I had, I chose a good set of personalization to accompany Morexis on his wild adventures.

So of course that got me to thinking--what is your Set? I know we've had threads on armorcustomization, but I don't want to hear about that. No armor, no weapons,

just Ship. Sparrow. Shell.

Do you have a story to tell behind your choices? Did you meticulously deck them out with the most beautiful shaders you worked so hard to get? What vehicles are in your possession that make you excited to join a fireteam in orbit, and grin with glee to transmat your supercharged mount and ride in style? Let us know, and don't be afraid to link them for pictures and poses!

For me, the ShipI like is the Inky Daydream. I feel it's a good size for a one-person ship, and the side pods make me feel like it could also qualify in a land-speeder race! Another ship I like is the Bicameral Promise. Perfectly simple, nothing fancy, but agile and speedy as hell. Ideal for making a quick escape, or luring Fallen Skiffs into a trap.

Without a doubt, the SparrowI ride is the Gray Hornet, a.k.a. the Full Throttle Sparrow. Oh my freaking god, this thing is incredible. Just having this equipped makes me feel powerful and raw. It's so damn sexy I have to put a condom on while playing. And honestly, unless Bungie comes up with something that's outright Sonic, I won't be switching Sparrows ever again.

The Ghost Shell unfortunately, I don't really have a choice with—the Plasma Shell is the only(yep.) Ghost in my entire collection that has Speed Demon. Because of that, I have to wear it to summon said Full Throttle Sparrow, even though the other perks aren't too valuable to me and I don't really enjoy the appearance. If I had my way however, I'd probably go with the Starlight Shell. I think it looks great, and is such a departure from the typical "flat star" shapes that most of them have.

So what are your favorites! Let us know and we can discuss our preferences!

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