Ghosts in the Machine Concept Art Gallery

Bungie_GitM_007We’ve posted a local copy of Beorn’s photos from the opening night of the “Ghosts in the Machine” Destiny concept art show at Ltd Art Gallery in Seattle! Go check them out!

E3 2013: It’s not about the games

e3_2013_writeup_headerby ncsuDuncan

Growing up as a very young Nintendo fanboy during the reign of the N64, it’s no surprise that Nintendo Power magazine was my first introduction to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Without the internet to rely on for gaming news and previews, I was forced to wait an entire month for each new issue of the publication to arrive at my door. A trade show where attendees could play unreleased video games all day instead of waiting on print media for gaming news? Reading about that filled my head with the kind of dreams only a kid raised on The Wizard could think up.

This summer, I finally got to fulfill my childhood fantasy of attending E3, but I think Young Duncan would be disappointed with how Adult Duncan spent his time: I never set foot in the Nintendo booth, I barely played any games, and I certainly didn’t challenge Donkey Kong to a round of Mario Kart 64. Just like PAX, I discovered that the greatest part of E3, the part that really matters, has nothing to do with the games on display. It’s buried beneath the surface – let’s go looking for it:

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Taking a Day 2 Photo Dump

We’ve dropped the latest dump in our E3 photo collection. Check them out here. Go look! But be brave…

Photo Dump Posted

Colin Dosaj has been snapping pictures everywhere he’s gone – a Day 1 gallery (Day 1 being Monday, the day of the Microsoft and Sony press conferences) is now up. Go browse!

Status: Orange

So the good news is, Destiny is out front and beautiful at E3. The bad news is, we’re having trouble finding time and resources to actually SHOW you what we’re seeing. Coverage from the show floor is far, far less simple than I’d hoped it would be – but we DO have a ton of stuff for you, and it WILL be appearing in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for your patience, and stay tu

Destiny, Frozen In Time

Bungie’s multimedia gallery has been updated with new screenshots from the demo broadcast earlier today. Check them out here.

Thanks Avatuer.


“Shut Up and Get Behind Me”

Did you see what I just saw?

If you didn’t, the gameplay demo isn’t up just yet on YouTube (“Coming Soon”), but you can catch a trailer that gives a pretty intense overview of it and shows some more glimpses of Destiny. Visuals, music, narration, gameplay and in-game cutscenes, oh my!

As well, a reaction thread is growing in our forums if you wish to discuss, and they’ll be be plenty of splinter conversations cropping up in there too as the day lingers on. Now, Go! Share your tears of joy or anger with strangers on the Internet!

Sony’s E3 Press Conference begins!

The livestream has just started here: and we’ve already seen a few quick flashes of some Destiny! Get to watching!

Gearing up for E3

It’s nearly go time – the Sony press conference kicks off today, and the Destiny deluge starts then!