DBO's Official Image Galleries

Below we hope you'll find an ever-growing collection of galleries of Bungie-generated, Destiny-related artwork and pictures; as it gets larger, we'll do a better job of cataloguing it so you can find what you're looking for.

Gallery Date Description
Announce Assets March 12, 2013 This gallery contains the concept artwork released by Bungie when Destiny was announced in mid-February, 2013. Various sizes are available.
GDC Concept Art March 28, 2013 This gallery contains the concept art shown off at the talk Chris Barrett and Joe Staten presented at GDC 2013 - many of these images show concepts that Bungie considered and later discarded, so do not expect to find all of this stuff in the final product.
E3 2013 Screenshots June 10, 2013 This gallery contains screenshots from the Destiny gameplay reveal at the E3 2013 Sony Press Conference.