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This Week At Bungie - January 19

Yesterday was Thursday, so there was (as on most Thursdays) an update from Bungie, on the state of Destiny today. It contains some teasers about an upcoming content update, a warning for cheaters, and more info about Bungie Bounty Days (first mentioned in last  week's update), along with standard TWAB features like an update from the support team and fan-created videos. Go read! We have a local copy, as we usually do, if you're looking for specifics. (We should also mention that our Patch Note Archive was updated earlier this week, with notes from the update that dropped on Tuesday.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jan 20, 2017 03:19 pm | link

HandmadeCon 2016 - Asset Systems and Scalability

This video was released almost 3 weeks ago, but hey - eggnog can make you groggy! Chris Butcher, Engineering Director at Bungie, gave a talk (well, participated in a one-on-one technical discussion, really) at HandmadeCon this past November, focusing on Asset Systems and Scalability. It's not really aimed at casual viewers; it's pretty technical, and might be boring to folks uninterested in programming. However, if this is your cup of tea, it's FASCINATING, and full of honest evaluation of an aspect of Bungie's workflow for Destiny. If you're interested in some of the differences between Halo and Destiny, under the hood, watch this. Thanks to Cody Miller for finding it. (The discussion on our forum might be of interest, as well.)

Claude Errera | Jan 20, 2017 03:13 pm | link

Destiny Art Dump

The crew here has been pretty lax over the holidays - but maybe it's time to get back to work? We'll see. In the meantime, there have been a few interesting art-related posts recently; here's a quick recap:

  • nomis78 stopped by a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of panoramas he'd stitched together in Destiny. (The image at the top of this post is one of them.) Take a look - they're quite cool!
  • cheapLEY noticed a collection of Wallpapers over at Imgur (created by SiLeNtWaLkEr) - if you are less bothered than cheapLEY is by the watermarked signature, there are some great screens here!
  • Former Bungie employee Isaac Hannaford recently posted a few new pieces of Destiny concept art on his blog - I love this stuff! (Thanks to Black Six for the heads-up.)
Check this stuff out - art is good, no matter what the US government says.

TAGS: art
Claude Errera | Jan 20, 2017 02:50 pm | link

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