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Destiny Hot Fix (The one about melee attacks)

It's a minor one, but the greatly-anticipated Hotfix for melee attacks (discussed in last week's TWAB post) is Live now. Notes are available over on Bnet (and locally), if you're curious about a couple of other fixes included in the patch.

Korny | May 3, 2016 11:05 am | link

An Armory to Drool Over

reddit/imgur user tsabotsaboc posted a gallery of images of Destiny weapons he's either created or helped to create. They're glorious! The reddit thread is pretty interesting reading, in itself; there's even a YouTube channel containing things like this time-lapse video showing the making of his Thorn hand cannon and a video demonstrating the effects on his Destiny swords. Explore! And maybe get inspired! Thanks, CheapLEY.
TAGS: fan, weapons
Claude Errera | May 3, 2016 10:20 am | link

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