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Bungie Weekly Update

header_article.jpgIt's Thursday, which means it's time for a new Bungie Weekly Update. The big news this week is that a fix for the Heavy Ammo bug is on the way, which is great news for a lot of Guardians! The landing page also got a fresh coat of paint and you can now see the Daily missions and Weekly Strikes on the front page. Get on over to the Update to check out the rest! (Thanks to Pfhor in the forum for the heads-up.) If for any reason you need it, there's a local version, as well.

TAGS: bwu
Beorn | Jan 29, 2015 03:35 pm | link

DBO Bounty Cashed In

The DBO Admin Team challenged the Destiny Community last night in the Crucible, and despite DeeJ's best efforts, we managed to deny most fireteams of the exclusive loot. One fireteam who did manage to secure the bounty though was from our very own forums! Beorn has posted the match on Youtube:

And Ragashingo has his own... interesting... take on the match:

"Last night a top flight fireteam from the website Destiny.Bungie.Org (not to be confused with, the official website of Bungie Inc. the company that created classic games like Marathon, Myth, Oni, and Halo) gathered on the aging Xbox 360 platform and hunted for what is known as the Bungie Bounty. In said bounty, a team needed to be randomly matched up with the designated bounty team and beat them in a round of Destiny's (Bungie's newest game) multiplayer mode known as The Crucible.

Defending the bounty (and representing the forces of The Darkness (THE DARKNESS! THE DARKNESS!) were Louis Wu (AKA: Claude, looooong time head honcho at (which should still not be confused with, Beorn (a webdesigner best known for (that could be true!)), XenosKB (the fastest news gather in the north, south, east, west, and middle!), Gwath Gil (aka: Leviathan, perhaps best known for his new and ongoing indie comic Mayflower(, and Malagate (the guy not sporting a Bungie related emblem...). Also with them was DeeJ, Bungie's (.net's not .org's) esteemed community manager.

Representing the forces of The Light were: Up North 65, Speedracer513, BeardFade, ChaosTheory, iconicbanana, and the every popular, beloved, fantastic storyteller and all around great guy Ragashingo.

The battle between these two diametrically opposed forces was a tense one with the lead shifting back and forth multiple times. Fortunately, for all concerned, The Light, a team consisting entirely of Hunters as they were hunting for the Bungie Bounty, prevailed and banished The Darkness (THE DARKNESS! THE DARKNESS!) back to the shadows. Notable moments were where multiple members of The Darkness (THE DARKNESS! THE DARKNESS!) flung themselves off the play area realizing that it was the better way to go, and Beorn's especially bad aim with rockets that let at least three members of The Light live to fight on.

While things started out bleak for The Light, they eventually managed to rally in the third half of the match with their hero, Ragashingo, delivering the last kill of the game against cheating Mythoclast user Beorn with his trusty modified Tex Mechanica hand cannon "The Last Word."

It truly was the last word, at least for the forces of The Light who graciously stepped out of matchmaking giving those who sided with The Darkness (THE DARKNESS! THE DARKNESS!) a much needed, easy, soothing win."

Say goodbye, Ragashingo.

Xenos | Jan 29, 2015 08:33 am | link

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Bungie Bounty: DBO Edition (Live Stream)

The Bungie Bounty: DBO Edition has happened! Here's the Twitch stream from the event:

TAGS: bounty
Beorn | Jan 28, 2015 06:01 pm | link

Destiny by Desiree: Excerpt from the Ecstacy

LadyDesiree dropped by our forums to share her performance of the aforementioned track that plays while you idle in orbit. She arranged it herself and it's quite lovely!

And even cooler, she shared the sheet music she made for it (Page 1, Page 2), for the musicians out there.

TAGS: fan, music, piano, sheet
Leviathan | Jan 28, 2015 03:21 pm | link

The Abyss in 3D

Redditor dummehh created a gorgeous detailed 3D map of The Abyss section of Crota's End. If you've been running through the dark, blasting Thrall, and wondering where your next lamp is, be sure to check this out! (Thanks for the heads-up, Ragashingo!)
Beorn | Jan 28, 2015 09:43 am | link

Eris Origins: Conclusion

Just a quick note to say that iconicbanana posted the final installment of his Eris Origins storyline today. Go check it out!

Beorn | Jan 28, 2015 09:11 am | link

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