How will we feel if they reuse some of Destinys public hubs? (Gaming)

by Kahzgul, Friday, April 14, 2017, 13:48 (38 days ago) @ Pyromancy

I love going back to old areas and seeing how they've changed and/or I've changed.

Destiny missed the mark in a major way by setting this up with mission 1 (ends with ghost saying "we'll come back when you're ready" as a Kell emerges from the wall and you fly away... This would have been a great set-up for us coming back at level 20 with exotic gear for a major showdown with that Kell... But instead we come right back in mission 2. So dumb. I guess we were ready all along, eh ghostie? Laaaaame.

But for Destiny 2 to have us revisit a location like the tower, only to find it destroyed, that would be great. "Here's Rahool's corpse. Oh, look, his body has evidence of his engram forgery scheme where he spraypaints green engrams blue and blue engrams purple and then sells them."

I hope it's not re-used area models, but all new models of currently existing areas, just as small sections of larger levels.

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