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This Week At Bungie - October 6

If you're reading this, you probably know that the Iron Banner is back - and it's full of Crests. Swing by (or our own Weekly Update Archive) for the latest 'This Week At Bungie' report, which reminds you about IB, and then goes on with some pretty fascinating news - the Hard mode Raid will unlock on October 18 (a week from this coming Tuesday). Between now and then is another Bungie Bounty event - this one's on the Playstation 4, and will take place next Wednesday (October 12), at 10am Pacific. Be there or be... um, all the shapes on the Shock Controller buttons. As always, there's a report from the Support team, and some pretty cool fan-created movies. (The two-man raid segment run is amazing.) Go read!

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Claude Errera | Oct 7, 2016 01:01 am | link