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This Week At Bungie - October 14

Yes, I know, the top of the page says "October 13" - but that's not when it was released. Bungie postponed this week's info drop by about 12 hours to double-check a few things - if you haven't read it yet (it came out yesterday), you should absolutely do so. (We have a local copy, of course - it was posted yesterday, even if we forgot to mention it here on the front page.) The big news focuses on the changes coming in the week ahead - on Tuesday, 2.4.1 will drop. This is a new update to enable Hard Mode on the raid, with a bunch of changes that will affect all players, not just raiders. There's also a nice summary of current high-priority issues affecting players from the support team, and some really fun movies in the Movie of the Week section. Go check it all out!
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Claude Errera | Oct 15, 2016 02:04 pm | link