Behind The Curtain (or just DBO for the more verbally-efficient - or 'Deebo' if you're Marty) is a fansite devoted to the videogame Destiny, which is being made by Bungie Inc., and which is coming soon to multiple platforms. We are NOT affiliated with Bungie Inc.; we are simply fans. As more information, details, and assets are revealed about Destiny, you'll find an evolving FAQ about the game, a growing screenshots gallery, concept art, movies, music, fan creations, and more. The family of fansites is spearheaded by Bungie fan & community forefather Claude Errera, and includes other popular destinations based around other beloved Bungie franchises & creations, such as Halo, Marathon, Myth, and Pathways Into Darkness.

Below, you'll find some information about the people behind the site. (If you're looking to contact all of us, the best email to use is



ncsuDuncan graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He currently lives in Virginia, where he can usually be found playing board games and arguing about science fiction movies. Don't get him started on the prequel trilogy.


Claude Errera

Known to many as 'Louis Wu' from his time in the Halo community, Claude is using Destiny as a chance to recover his real name. He's pretty grateful there are talented and enthusiastic people who will make him look good without working very hard.


Colin Dosaj (mastrbiggy)

mastrbiggy is living, working and studying audio design in LA. Despite being a native Californian, he is revolted by sandals and is best persuaded with salty snacks. He enjoys music, sci-fi, games and technology. Episode III isn't THAT bad.


Daryl Roberts

Even though he's wanted in 14 states, Daryl still finds time to troubleshoot pesky CSS problems and work on mobile-friendly tools for the site. Don't ask him about the missing briefcase.



Levi Hoffmeier ( a.k.a. Leviathan) tends to have bad sleep habits and a sore back from being bent over sketch paper or a graphic tablet all day long. When he's not staring at a screen working on his scripts, comic books or concept pieces, he likes to relax by staring at screens in other rooms. Sometimes he leaves the house and goes to a real job, but he knows his point in life is to tell stories. He's currently in the process of convincing people with this thing called 'money' that they're good stories as well. You can check out his work at or play it closer to home with


GrimBrother One

GrimBrother One is a rabid Bungie fan, which is if nothing else a convenient way to explain all the foaming at the mouth. Grim's passion is people and community, and helping foster ripe environments for those communities to grow and flourish. Grim dual wields in the family, as he also wears a stylish Admin hat for Halo.Bungie.Org. Grim also created and watches over the project, which allows fans fans and community leaders from all over the world to share how their lives were changed by Bungie's Halo Universe. Grim's "real people" jobs involve blowing things up to explain to why it happened, making racecar drivers and their noble steeds feel pretty, and tickling ivories. Grim doesn't know his own Destiny yet, but is vehemently chasing it just the same. Claims that he is in actuality a manifestation of a shorter, more reckless fragment of Louis Wu's personality have so far proved inconclusive.



Michael Lake - known as Beorn around these parts - has been a passionate (?rabid) Bungie fan since that fateful day in 1996 when a school friend asked if he'd played "this Marathon thing." The next day he had a Marathon 2 disc in-hand and the rest is history. Michael enjoys getting his hands dirty with all sorts of technology, and works as a graphic artist/animator/programmer/web developer/photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He's excited to be part of this new community as we start our adventure into a new frontier together!


Jim Stitzel (TTL Demag0gue)

Jim is a full-time code wrangler by day and a part-time farmer by night. He also writes stories, plays video games, builds web sites, and makes the occasional comic, when he isn't tending to crops, chasing down renegade livestock, or refurbishing his old farm house. He doesn't believe in allowing time to have any dull moments.



Reports of Mal's death have been greatly exaggerated. It wasn't nearly as awesome as he wanted it to be. The Disembodied Soul of yore led him to in a dream. It said, "Charon doesn't make change."



A long-time lurker on, finding his way to the site back when it was mainly about Marathon, he finally came out of the shadows for Destiny and turned into an annoying loudmouth on the DBO forums.



Scott Anderson - known here as Speedracer513 (nothing to do with the Speedracer cartoon series though since he’s never even watched it, he just likes to drive fast) - has been a Bungie fan since 2001 and finally decided that he should stop being a loner relying on matchmaking so he joined the DBO community about a year before Destiny’s release. He is a proud Texan, husband and father of three cool kids, and a lawyer by day who desperately wishes he worked in the game industry instead.



Nando Paz has seen things you people wouldn't believe (he lives in Georgia, you see). A console double agent who knows no loyalty, he is always willing to join any lost cause (after all, his lifelong dream is to get Claude to the Lighthouse). When he's not appending his sentences with parentheses, he is often lurking on the forums, ready to defend the canonicity of "Halo: Reach", and the superiority of "ODST" at a moment's notice.