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13 July 2017
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This Week At Bungie - 7/13/2017

This week at Bungie, we're making final preparations for the Destiny 2 Beta.

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: The Beta is upon us. No more long lines at events. Finally, anyone who wants to play Destiny 2 will. You'll get to bash enemies with your Sentinel's Shield, flip through the air while wielding your Arcstrider's staff, or rain fire from above with your Dawnblade. 

You've read first impressions and watched videos, but this will be your first true taste of what it feels like to be a Guardian in a new world. In addition to the new hotness, there will be some familiar (but updated) subclasses for you to play as well. The Beta will include Striker, Gunslinger, and Voidwalker with all of their Grenades, Melees and the top path of their abilities unlocked. The bottom paths will be saved for you to experience in the full game.

When the Beta begins, we'll be right beside you. We're extremely excited to get to play Destiny 2 with the community for the first time. We're also eager to see what we can learn from you. This process began today. If you are good to go, you can start pre-loading now. Our friends from Destiny Player Support have the full details below in the "What's Up DOC" report. 

Speaking of our friends in the DOC, they'll be the ones communicating about any chop that we experience. Keep an eye on @BungieHelp during the Beta. All eyes will be on the millions of players who show up for the test. It's all part of the process that will help us get ready for launch.

Feedback Frenzy

Soon, players will be taking their first steps into the world of Destiny 2. We want to know what you think! The Feedback forum is already set up. From your first experiences in the Homecoming mission to your 100th hour of Countdown, let us know what you like and what you think can be improved upon in the future.

If you notice anything weird happening and think you may have found a bug, we also have a place set up to house reports on any Game Issues.

All Hands

Got questions? Destiny Player Support will be your huckleberry. They have lots of info about, the Beta and beyond. 

This is their report. 

Destiny Server Maintenance: Preparing for the Beta
Earlier today, server maintenance was conducted to prepare Destiny Services for the Destiny 2 Beta. No changes to gameplay were made. If you are experiencing any issues connecting to Destiny 1 since this maintenance was completed, please post a report to the #Help forum listing the error codes you're receiving when attempting to play.

Early Access Participants: Pre-loading the Destiny 2 Beta
Early Access begins early next week for players who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Players are not required to have an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Subscription to engage with the Destiny 2 Beta. Starting today, qualifying players may begin pre-loading the Destiny 2 Beta Client onto their consoles. As a reminder, the Destiny 2 Beta will be available on PC in late August.

Players who have pre-ordered from a participating retailer will receive a 9-digit Early Access code, which must be redeemed on If you have pre-ordered from a participating retailer but have not yet received your Early Access code, please contact your retailer for further assistance. 

To retrieve your Destiny 2 Beta Client Download Code, please follow the steps below:
  • Sign-in to - Create or sign into a account using PlayStation 4 or Xbox Live credentials
  • Redeem the Early Access Pre-order Code - Enter the Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Code provided by the retailer on
  • Retrieve the Destiny 2 Beta Download Code - visit your redeemed codes page on and select your console of choice
  • Redeem the Destiny 2 Beta Client Download Code - Log into a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console to redeem the Destiny 2 Beta Client code

Players who have pre-ordered digitally will be granted access to the Destiny 2 Beta without needing to redeem codes of any form. The Destiny 2 Beta Client will become available on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace automatically. If players attempt to access the Destiny 2 Beta prior to availability, they will be met with "Destiny Servers Unavailable" error messaging. 

Please note: Players must be signed in to the account in which they've digitally pre-ordered Destiny 2 to download the Destiny 2 Beta Client.

Storage Requirements and Installation Guide
Prior to downloading the Destiny 2 Beta Client, please ensure the proper amount of space is available on the console's hard drive. For a step by step installation guide for the Destiny 2 Beta Client, please follow these links:

If the required amount of space is not available, issues may arise when attempting to access the Beta.

Known Issues Preview
  • As this is a Beta build, some issues will be present and may impact gameplay. Please note the following:
  • Players may experience a variety of networking error codes when attempting to play the Beta
  • Bungie will be testing server stability throughout the Beta, which may cause error codes to appear periodically
  • Location names sometimes do not appear during Crucible gameplay
  • Players sometimes are Kicked to Orbit after witnessing a black screen when entering a Countdown match
  • Players may sometimes be placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike Activity when joining in progress
  • Sandbox balancing is still taking place: Some weapons or abilities may have higher or lower damage than intended
  • Not all content has been localized in all languages
  • If you encounter any network related issues during the Destiny 2 Beta, please follow our Network Troubleshooting Guide to ensure proper network settings for Destiny gameplay.
If you encounter alternate issues not listed above, please post a report to the #Help forum. For all other information, please see the Destiny 2 Beta Guide.


Wait where is the Bungie Bounty?

It's taking a week off. Don't worry, it will return after the Beta ends. In the meantime, we have movies to discuss. Every week our Creations page is overrun with new movies and this week was no exception. We like to pick a few of our favorites to share with everyone here and send their creators a little gift to show our appreciations. The best way to secure your chance at winning the coveted MOTW is to submit it to the Creations page. Ok, let's do this thing. 

Move of the Week: From Downtown

Honorable Mention: Destiny 2 Strikes in a Nutshell

Are you ready?

Of course you are. You're about to be sitting in the copilot seat, helping us prepare for the launch of Destiny 2. This is where you get to be a part of the creative process. We're in this together.

I know, it's a short update, but it's time to let the game do the talking. We'll see you online next week.  

<3 Cozmo