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This Week At Bungie - 09/28/17

Faction Rally
This week at Bungie, the first Faction Rally is in full swing, so news is a bit on the lighter-but-savory side. Bungie can't tell us for sure if Dead Orbit is winning by a mile or several miles, but the winner will be announced after Hotfix drops on Tuesday (they weren't kidding about faster tweaks to the game). If you're curious about what changes will come with that Hotfix, a preview has been included as well.
And speaking of tweaks, Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski dropped by to let us know that they are closely monitoring the Sandbox, and to remind folks about their Feedback forum. To cap off the update, Destiny Player Support will help you get ready for the upcoming changes, and the fantastic Movies of The Week should tide you over until then.

Check out at Bungie's site, or in our local archive. Thanks to UnrealCh13f for the heads up!

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Korny | Sep 29, 2017 11:13 am | link

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