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Fronter – Chapter01 Act01 – Solas

Venus Aphrodite Terra, Ovda Regio The sound of distant active volcanoes seemed almost artificially muted so deep in the vast Venusian rainforest. The boom and rumble bounced and distorted off the thick trunks of the local flora so much so that to the uninitiated, it was as if the canopy itself was voicing its displeasure […]

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Eris: Origins

She woke, wedged into the receding shelf of a cave or crevice. She had to surmise this: she was prone, confined on all sides by what felt like roughly hewn stone, in complete blackness. It was so pitch that she was not entirely sure she was alive: aside from the stabbing confines of her encasement, […]

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The Lonely Fall of Andal Brask

“This isn’t like the six fronts, Cayde.”   They were in a high scrub bluff, on the last ridge before the climbs of the glacier above; leagues ahead of them, down the broken spines of the mountain’s roots, the city was on fire beneath its pearl. The moon hung full and cold in the sky, […]

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