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No Longer Afraid

(Note: While this story is largely self contained, some additional background on the characters and motivations contained within can be found here and here.) Jenn Shu was lost and loving it… Here she was, once again, dancing in the dark, somewhere amongst a mass of swaying, gyrating bodies. She was adrift in a crowd of […]

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These Imagnative Boots

These Boots I love my Mark III STH model combat boots. They’ve protected my feet in over a hundred missions beyond the walls of The City. While they might not look like much these days, in fact one might rightfully call them ugly, they are more important to me than any gun I’ve ever carried. […]

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A Helping Hand

… the Vex Timeshifter predictably evaded Ragashingo’s grenade, but again placed itself in perfect view of the other two Guardians that were hunting it. The sound of orange tinted Venusian waves crashing ashore against the nearby dark rocks was briefly drowned out by echoing cracks of gunfire. The robot’s shields shattered, falling to the ground […]

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Mercury’s Vault of Questions

This story was originally posted in the DBO Challenge Week 5 thread but it seemed good enough to submit here so as to be better preserved.  Ragashingo led his five man team through the pitch black caverns. The underground passageways were dark and claustrophobic, and were only lit by the team’s small illuminations systems. Still, […]

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