Here is what I think it'll look like in Destiny . . .

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Friday, June 14, 2013, 17:12 (4001 days ago) @ SonofMacPhisto

What do you think it'll look like in Destiny? What new, beautiful, tear inducing tools has Bungie wrought this time around? SHALL THE BANHAMMER RIDE AGAIN, MORE GLORIOUS THAN BEFORE? Did they just digitize Jerome?

I imagine it will look abit like what was done in Serious Sam 3 against Pirates. Stay with me now - the system detects a "heavy incongruity". Something *bum bum bum* . . . is wrong. Suddenly at Bungie! - deep with in the secret caves that Seattle is totally known for, A red light flickers with its silent alarm. Keen to action - Jerome "I love my Job" Simpson, Smashes the "DO NOT PRESS THIS RED BUTTON" Button Button.

With the Button Button pressed - things now get interesting.

Suddenly! the dubious player that dared impose wrath upon them selves sees a star - falling from the sky. As it comes closer it grows brighter, emitting a sound that even a galaxy harvesting automaton would know to fear - to flee. But it is too late.

As the object becomes determinable in shape it is realized that it is a golden ship. Lightning streaks from its engines and thunder rolls from its gut;


A giant flaming literal fist rips through hull causing this ship to de-atomise into dust of dust. The fist lands not with a clamor but with . . .


As if steam has landed, the ground is but smoke. It is suddenly very very quiet. The wind whispers of the ne'er-do-well impending doom, as the trees bow to the kicked up dust . . . and what it contains hidden in it.

As it clears, the symbol of the seventh column glows upon the ground like a rune in flux, the landed object kneeling like any terminator would. It is beyond description this object - possibly bipedal, but indeterminable from its garb both declaring its elegance and wrath. Slowly and suddenly it stands, and in turn presents its self in secret. This object is wrapped in tattered white silk, threaded with gold symbols passed down by the grizzled ancients. Its shape is undetermineable - only to be determined as the silk stretches and flows out to reveal what could be considered arms or trees. A hand forms - and our antagonist - suddenly shaken out of stupor from the sheer glory of what stands - fires the weapon in-hand.


Too slow. With a simple click of its anomalous hand the weapon falls apart. The object hovers its hand over a symbol and reaches at air which in a sudden glow manifests the hilt of a broadsword, it unleashes this sword of light and flame - *SHOCK* its not a sword! Its a HAMMER!

The Silk burns away revealing which it contains. You knew it. We knew it. But sadly our digital friend did not know it. Its digital Jerome. HE SWINGS THE HAMMER SWIRLING ALL WINDS!!! SMEARING THE VIRTUAL SPACE TIME AS HE DECLARES HIS DEMANDS!!!


*You have been banned for one week*.

. . . or something like that. I don't know. It will probably be invisible.

Or, conversely, does anyone even care? Hax4eva, or whatever. BXR or GTFO, noob.

In BL2, it's real easy to duplicate the best stuff, as well as mod weapons from the available game elements (my spouse has this ridic pistol, srsly). Gearbox doesn't seem to give a crap, because the save system that allows duplicating is totally unchanged from BL1, and I haven't a heard of lick of Gearbox coming down on folks. Heck, there was once an exploit for those golden loot keys, and Randy Pichford was like, 'If you had the keys to a sports car, what would you do?'

That said, having been ninja looted in BL2 many times, I'm glad for what I've seen so far in regards to Destiny's personal lewts. I hope we can trade that shizz, though.

Anyway, I've spoken enough. Getting a little Tiny Tina there.

One of my concerns is that awesome stuff will become less awesome because of duping.

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