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by Oholiab @, Sunday, September 25, 2016, 20:38 (1669 days ago) @ red robber

Is that all this stuff sounds amazing and I know nothing about it. I tried to read the grimoire but couldn't get into it. At this point I have zero interest in the story of destiny unfortunately and it's such a shame because I've read all the halo books except the forerunner series. Do you have a grimoire website you'd recommend? Also, is there any explanation as to what the darkness is and how our enemies are related to it? This seems like it should be such and important point and yet I know nothing about it.

Your account sounds just like mine own experience.

I've been using the Istar Collective to get up to speed on some of these stories. They do a good job of organizing the stories into coherent chunks. This is my biggest beef with the grimoire, but I understand why Bungie allows it to feel seemingly unorganized and incoherent if their desire was to make ascertaining the story part of the fun. Frankly, just spoon feed me the story - the lore is SO good!

There's also a Ghost fragment podcast that is pretty well done, though I find that the audio mixing sometimes make the words difficult to hear over the effects.

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