How Destiny 2 should start. (Destiny)

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also, it will be interesting story wise to see how they incorporate this, as our guardians have literally slayed near immortal Gods, only to presumably start over on progression.

Players (old and new) are in the Tower (your abilities show up as all maxed out, but you can't use them). It's a ceremonial day, so you're wearing fancy garbs instead of your armor, and your weapons are stored in the Vault. You run a few back and forth errands for folks, while chatting with Ghost about the festivities, when Ikora tells you that there are some urgent distress calls that she wants you to check out. You accept and start to head towards the Vault to pick up your gear while Ghost laments that you can never seem to take a day off, "Well, back to the grind" he quips.

Shouting is heard as you walk up the steps. Cabal ships suddenly arrive and attack the Tower, bringing down a portion of the Wall, and blowing up the Vault (and all of your D1 loot), and you barely escape as the Tower is brought down. All of the ships retreat towards the city, and you tell Ghost that you need a weapon. "I've got just the thing" he says, just as the Cabal heavily damage the Traveler, causing it to pulse out a bright light that blinds you (Guardians in the background have been using Golden Gun, Hammers, and Warlock abilities to bring down enemy ships).

Gameplay: Cut back to your guardian as he looks at his hands, the Light visibly fading. You turn to see all of the Guardians no longer using abilities, switching to their guns to continue holding off the Cabal ships. You then spot your Ghost on the floor of the ship. He tells you that his Light is fading, so you pick up a fallen Guardian's Vision of Confluence and put Ghost on the seat behind you. You practice your aim by shooting at Cabal at nearby ships. Once you've brought down a dozen or so, the gun runs out of ammo, and the Cabal's shooting at the ship causes it to catch fire. "We've got to buy some time" you shout to the remaining Guardian on the ship, as you hear a voice behind you, "Like I said, Guardian, I've got just the thing..."
You turn to see your Ghost transmatting a large weapon, Gjallarhorn. You then pump unlimited ammo at passing ships, bringing them all down as the ship starts to lose altitude.

Cutscene: As the ship shakes and falls apart, you get thrown back, tossing Gjallarhorn aside to grab for Ghost. You look at his fading light, and brace for impact. "Stand by for revive, Ghost" you say, causing him to light up brightly, "just in case." The ship crashes.

First-person cutscene:
*black screen*
"Eyes up, Guardian."
You open your eyes, focusing on Ghost lying in front of you. "It worked... You're alive..." You stand up.
"Thank you, Ghost. What happened?"
"The attack has been repelled... for the moment... No word from the Vanguard... Too much chatter. Something happened to the Traveler."
You hear nearby gunfire, Cabal stragglers.
"I've kept something for you Guardian... it's not much... but it'll help..."
With his last bits of strength, Ghost transmats an old beat up rifle, the Khvostov 7G-02.
You pick Ghost up, his light dimming and flickering. "Hang in there, Little Light."
You put him in your bag, pick up the rifle, and start heading towards the City.

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