Odds & Ends. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Interstate 8, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 20:59 (283 days ago)

Just a few random thoughts.

-Grinding really seems to be gone, as far as power level is concerned. The clan rewards really help there. I logged on and immediately got three Powerful Engrams from clan stuff and jumped from 270 to 273. Cody, Korny, and I did the Nightfall, and then Korny and I did the Cayde's stash stuff, and I was at 277 when I logged off. It seems like not being in a clan would be a real detriment for leveling.

-It's probably way too early to tell, but I'm a little disappointed in the vanity items so far. So far I've only seen a few different ship and Sparrow designs, and none of them are very good. I'm hoping there's a lot more and they just aren't in rotation yet.

-Tess's stock rotates every week. I figured, but it's nice to know.

-There was a lot of controversy about the Eververse stuff, but after playing around it actually seems like a really good implementation of microtransactions. I feel like I earn Bright Engrams at a good enough pace to be satiated, and they can drop a good amount of Bright Dust, which you can use to just buy stuff from Tess's weekly stock outright. It actually seems really smart and not offensive. I can still see the shader thing being a bummer for a lot of folks, but I'm pretty happy with my shader selection so far. Again, as with the ships, I hope there's more variety that we haven't seen yet.

-I'm really happy with the new Destinations. They feel alive and worthwhile in a way that Patrols in Destiny never did. Just hanging out in a Destination is a totally viable, valuable, fun thing to do now.

-Speaking of which. Heroic Public Events give you basically the same reward as doing a strike. Unless folks are just trying to grind out Zavala Rep, how long before people just stop doing strikes completely when you can hit 5-10 public events in the same amount of time?

-I'm really curious to see what Faction Rally is.

-Regarding Xur, a report from the strategy guide says that Xur will now be out in the wild, at the Destinations, rather than at the Tower. Just thought it was interesting.

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