No Longer Neglected - Round 1: “Eyes Up, Guardian.” (Destiny)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Thursday, December 14, 2017, 16:55 (2119 days ago) @ Ragashingo


Tess beckons Dinklebot. He floats over as she closes the door to special orders.

"What is it?" Dinklebot asks.

"Dinklebot, I'm bored. Nobody sends and receives any special orders anymore. I'm looking to expand into a busier, more lucrative business."

Dinklebot's interest is piqued. This is the first he'd heard of her ambitions, but admittedly he tends not to know all the goings on at the tower.

"What sort of Business?"

"Fashion. For Guardians".

"That sounds fantastic. So why do you need me?"

Tess leans in close, checking around to make sure nobody is looking. "Seeing as how you don't have a guardian, I thought it would be helpful if you were to find one. One who is rich. One who can get the ball rolling so to speak."

Dinklebot stirs on this, impressed by Tess' newfound cunning.

"We have DNA records from the golden age, of the wealthiest individuals living" he says. I could reference them to pinpoint someone rich nearby.

"Good. I'll be sure to give you a cut of what I make in the first week".

The deal made, Dinklebot departs. Flying to the tower's dock, he accesses a computer terminal. The DNA records are shoddy - incomplete. But there is a match. In Old Russia…

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