No Longer Neglected - Round 1: “Eyes Up, Guardian.” (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Friday, December 01, 2017, 05:20 (2366 days ago)
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In-game, all our Guardians joined the fight against the Darkness when our Ghost found us in Old Russia. But in my headcanon, one of my Guardians first came back after floating lifelessly within the wreck of a passenger liner that almost made it to the Reef. Another one, an exo, almost lived through the entire Collapse but was killed in a Fallen attack just days before being revived. A third was actually born in The City and lived on The City’s outskirts for years as part of a street gang. She was brought back by her Ghost just seconds after her gang turned on her. So, what about your Guardian?

The prompt for Round 1 is: Tell the story of your Ghost finding your Guardian.

Maybe you’re happy waking in Old Russia? Maybe your Guardian came from someplace much more exotic? Maybe your Guardian’s first moments were confusing, or action filled, or humorous? Now’s your chance to tell that tale. There’s no real minimum or maximum work limit for this first story, though you should be looking to write at least a full scene about your Guardian’s awakening.

Let’s see, there was something else I was supposed to mention... what was it... oh yes, loot!

The prizes you are competing for in Round 1 are:

[image] [image]
(Click to embiggen)

That is, an official Bungie Ghost Plushy or the pretty dang awesome (and now nastolgic) Exotic Weapons Poster. And remember, the prize not chosen will go back into the RNG pool and might not be seen again next time!

Finally, remember, to have a chance to win you’ll need to post your story here in reply to this prompt and also head over to DBO’s Fan Fiction section, register an account, and post your story over there too. It’s been a while since I used our glorious fan fiction section, so I’ll post a walkthrough of how to register / login / post / use all the features like story tags sometime soon.

Entires must be submitted by Dec 15 to win. Good luck!

(If you’re confused about what this all is or why its here, see the No Longer NeglectedIntroduction.)

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