Participation! (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Friday, December 15, 2017, 16:19 (2119 days ago) @ Ragashingo

"So, why’d you bring me back?”

The Titan stood still on the deck of the Fallen ketch, gazing over the rusted vista of the Cosmodrome below. His Ghost buzzed and swiveled, approximating a questioning gesture with its crude robotic face. The Titan kept silent for a moment, shifting his attention to the newly won weapon he held. Setting it down, he reached up and removed his helmet, revealing a human male, nostrils flared with the fresh scent of ether. His face could only be described as handsome, but in a way that seemed like a higher power had tried to make him ugly but couldn’t quite pull it off. He repeated, again to his Ghost, “Really. Why did you bring me back?”

His Ghost hovered closer, affecting an expression of seriousness: “You’re my Guardian! We’ve had this discussion before.”

Turning to look at the ground below the ketch, it continued, “Thinking about the day we met? We’ve certainly had some successful days since then, but for me, that will always be my favorite. I looked for you for a long, long time.”

The Titan remained expressionless. He had been thinking about that first day. Birthday? Resurrection day? He still didn’t know how it worked. Who had he been Before? How could he know the things that he knew without any contextual memories? What language did he even speak? These were the things his Ghost had never answered, and as far as he knew, could not answer. His Ghost was his best companion, that had never been in doubt, but when it came to philosophy, it was woefully bereft. That didn’t stop him from asking, though.

His Ghost filled the silence, “That was a dangerous day. The Fallen were right on top of us, and we found a weapon just in time. Luckily for me you knew how to use it. Me and you, we really get things done.”

The Titan mentally agreed. Right from that first moment of consciousness, he had felt the need for action, movement, the completion of tasks. Was that why his Ghost had chosen him? Was that an engrained feature of his personality, his soul? Ghosts could detect many things, but did they detect those? Or was the decision the random process of incomprehensible technology – certainly an inadequate-bordering-on-inappropriate word for the Traveler and its Ghosts. Questions, questions, never answers. Purpose without understanding.


The Fallen dropship shattered his introspection. His Ghost: “There’s a Baron on that ship!”

Quickly replacing his helmet and hefting his new weapon, the Titan returned to battle readiness, adapting a perfect combat stance and heading toward the drop zone. “We’ll continue this conversation later.”

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