Claude and Kermit (DBO)

by Robot Chickens, Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 17:14 (2111 days ago) @ Xenos

Great podcast! Such a contrast to the "end-is-nigh" vibe to so much Destiny 2 commentary lately.>

(Just this morning my phone actually pinged me about a youtuber making a long-winded speech re: pursuing a refund. The expectations of people astound me [not that there weren't legitimate concerns about content lock outs].)

Yeah it's really got me down about the Destiny community. I even permanently deleted the Destiny subreddit from my reddit and bookmarks. LowSodiumDestiny is great, but it's sad that we don't have the same level of awesome engagement we used to, or if we do it's all drowned out by salt.

UpNorth and I were reminiscing about this the other day and it makes me bummed. People like Iconic Banana organized events like this and this. Those were some of my favorite events...

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