your own unique story (Destiny)

by ncsuDuncan @, Sunday, September 08, 2013, 23:26 (3908 days ago) @ montefisto

I was wondering if it will be possible for us to have conversations, with destiny that deal with making choices, much like dragon age, mass effect. I love the games that allow you to really shape your own story, influence the people around you, also like you saw in swtor and kotor 2. Hope there are aspects of that on destiny.

Having conversations, making choices, shaping your story, and influencing the people around you? I think those are some of the very pillars that Destiny is being built upon. :)

Granted, you might be influencing and having conversations with actual humans instead of NPCs, but there's always the possibility that Bungie will include the standard RPG dialogue trees you mentioned.

Personally, I prefer the infinitely unique stories that can emerge from a sandbox universe over the narrow, multiple-choice cutscenes seen in games like Mass Effect. Give me the keys to a fast Sparrow, point me toward some sandy Martian dunes, and drop a few friends at my side; we'll shape a story together that will leave a more lasting (and more personal) impression than anything a distant writer might concoct.

(I see that this is your first post here at the DBO forum - welcome! Make yourself comfortable, we love having another friendly face to chat with.)

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