Switch to my Heavy Weapon and Provide Covering Fire (Destiny)

by MrPadraig08 ⌂ @, Steel City, Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 12:35 (3913 days ago) @ Xenos

I guess it's time to pull out the Thunderlord! I begin laying down covering-fire for my fellow guardians.

The hunter uses his Golden Gun as the Titan lays into the Fallen with a menacing looking shotgun. In minutes the Fallen lay at your feet except for a few stragglers retreating to the skyscraper.

They are on the retreat, you and your fireteam have nearly won the day. You start your pursuit of the remaining Fallen and manage to pick off the stragglers. However, you seem to have missed a pair of vandals as they escape into the black of the building interior. You hear howls coming from the darkness as if to taunt you. Your warlock comments on this being a fool's gambit. Your titan looks almost hungry to meet their bravado in equal measure. You contemplate running head long into the abyss of this long forgotten tower...

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