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by ncsuDuncan @, Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 19:33 (3252 days ago)

That's right, avatars aren't the only upgrade in store for the DBO Forum - we now have six categories to sort threads into!

The idea here is to make it easier for everyone to post off-topic and short-lived threads while keeping things organized and easy to find.

The default view is "All Categories"; click on the category name next to each thread to view that specific one, or use the dropdown menu at the top-right of the Forum Index page (right below the search box).

If you want your default Forum Index view to only display certain categories (e.g. filter out Off-Topic), just visit your User Settings page and look at the "My category selection" area. Check the boxes for the categories you wish to see, and your default Index view should automatically change to "My Selection". You can always go back to viewing "All Categories" or each individual category by using the dropdown menu near the top-right of the page. Unchecking all of the boxes will revert your default view back to "All Categories".


Destiny - Any news or discussion directly related to Bungie or Destiny.

- Anything from the Bungie Blog.
- Press articles about Bungie or Destiny.
- Story and gameplay discussion.
- Official screenshots and videos.

Fan Creations - If the focus of the thread is something you (or another community member) created, then use this category for Show and Tell.

- Fan art/screenshots.
- Theater clips, machinima, montages.
- Community podcasts and analysis videos.
- Fan fiction.

DBO - Conversations about our site and the people that frequent it. This is where newcomers should introduce themselves.

- Site feedback and requests.
- PAX/LAN/meetup plans and post-mortems.
- Member introductions.

Recruitment - Plan game nights, share your gamertag, and enlist the help of your DBO brethren.

- Co-op Night announcements.
- Everyday fireteam formation.
- The game does NOT have to be Destiny.

Gaming - Any gaming news or discussion that doesn't belong in one of the above categories.

- Articles from Kotaku/IGN/etc. unrelated to Bungie or Destiny.
- Discussion of non-Bungie games, e.g. Halo 5, Mario Kart 64, Madden 2008, Call of Duty 17.
- Console news.

Off-Topic - Anything and everything that doesn't fit into one of the above categories.

- Keep it clean!


I'll make a locked/sticky thread with this info eventually; for now I'd love to hear feedback from everyone on the categories listed above.

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