Forum Categories (DBO)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, September 12, 2013, 09:50 (3253 days ago) @ TTL Demag0gue

I've got mixed feelings about this, honestly. I've enjoyed the careening nature of a lot of threads.

Now I feel self-conscious about my careens.

As a reader I'll probably ignore it. As a poster I'll try not to over-think it.

I just look at it as another level of filtering when you want to find related topics.

I'm pretty sure that's precisely how Duncan envisions it.

For many people, it's a tidbit of information that might not ever get used.

For folks who might get annoyed seeing threads about, say, game nights amongst forum dwellers (playing something other than Destiny), it's an easy way to pare back what they have to look at.

For people who WANT to post a note about an off-topic game night (to stick with the same example), but feel guilty at making a non-Destiny-related post on a Destiny forum, it's a way to feel less guilty; they know that anyone who is bothered doesn't even have to see it.

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