Destiny make hurt Activision's bottom line (Criticism)

by Harmanimus @, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 10:32 (1035 days ago) @ Funkmon
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That is grossly misunderstanding streamings market influence. Some games are ingrained with partnerships. Twitch provides a lot of subscriber benefits for in game rewards. Any long-term investment game that relies on a steady player base or community can live or die on streamers. A major contributing factor to the death of Lawbreakers was the difficulty in streaming it (aggressive skill-based matchmaking led to long queue times which killed the player base as streamers stopped playing because they moved to other games) which hit a niche game very hard.

In contrast, the current Battle Royale popularity can be seen as more directly tied to streaming and specifically that streamers playing with subscribers is a way to move units for people on the fence and the use of fancy items by streamers often leads to smaller in game purchases of cosmetic items. For a lot of folks Let’s Play and Streamer content has replaced other gaming journalism sources.

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