"Session Reports"! (DBO)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 12:34 (2312 days ago) @ Speedracer513

Great points!

In fact, this immediately makes me thing of the other main hobby site I frequent -- boardgamegeek.com (or, BGG, for short).

If you're not familiar with BGG, it is the largest website/community for tabletop games in the world (in fact, they just recently hit a new milestone of 5,000,000 unique visitors per month!). It is mostly a database that contains game pages with images, rules questions, session reports, user-created files, and general forums for pretty much every board game ever (96,318 unique game entries as of today) as well as general forum threads that cover all kinds of categories.

Anyways, one of the popular features of the site - and in fact one of the main early focuses that instigated the community growth early on - are the session reports where people post a summary of their recent play session.

I think DBO could indeed be more positively engaging and interesting to log in to multiple times per day for the average user if we do return to having more of that kind of content.

As one of literally the only people actively trying to make this a more positive place (namaste), I'll be the first to volunteer something like this (assuming there's a long wait for the Sea of Thieves beta to download, anyway). :P

I have some neat footage of you and Claude's Nightfall run with Cruel that I should probably make use of.

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