Crucible and the worst aspect of D2 Spawns (Criticism)

by Harmanimus @, Saturday, July 07, 2018, 22:26 (736 days ago)

I'm not going to go into any major depth. I used to think this was a solved problem, and I don't remember it being an issue through Halo all the way through D1Y3. It isn't a problem I notice in most other games on the market, excluding narrow band circumstances particular to certain game modes. But in Des2ny I seem to keep experiencing it.

Spawning in unsafe locations.

This was spurned forward into this post due to two experience today, though they're not unique to today. Both involved me spawning in actively under fire repeatedly. Playing Mayhem, I expect a little bit in the way of rough edges. But these were grating.

One instance was three deaths to the same player in a row, two to the same Dawnblade cast. The second was not to an individual, but I was spawned inside of a Thermite Grenade (this has happened to me in the past) as well as within the direct path of a Sunbreaker chucking hammers. This resulted in four deaths in about 20 seconds. I mean, [muffled screams], it really doesn't seem like that should be happening in this year of 2k18.

This leaves me with two questions which also stand as the constructive portion of this criticism: Why am I forced to instantly respawn (e.g., no delay time where you can choose to respawn early) and not allowed to opt-in on that setting? What ever happened to "No Safe Space" spawning delays so that the entire map cannot be treated as a spawn trap?

I'm interested in discussion, anecdotes, and references to why these decisions were made. I might have missed them. Well, especially references to what the logic is behind not using these anti-grief features. Or any other discussion on spawning issues and if there is any way of countering them, other than getting good. No one likes to be spawn killed. Let alone repeatedly. Albeit, it could always just be me having really bad luck and I am an isolated incident.

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