Crucible and the worst aspect of D2 Spawns (Criticism)

by Harmanimus @, Sunday, July 08, 2018, 16:21 (695 days ago) @ DEEP_NNN

I've experienced two deaths by the same super wielder on several occasions. I've accepted the situation since supers have huge ranges and the only solution is to make the maps bigger. Bigger maps wouldn't be my choice.

Is that just a preference to close quarters fighting that you wouldn't want bigger maps? Even with shifting back to 6v6? I hadn't personally considered map changes to facilitate a difference in being spawned under fire - not just abilities and supers. That is why I miss the option to delay my respawn to not suffer that so much.

I just came back to D2 Quickplay for weekly leveling up and weapon quests. I play solo less than 10 games per week. I've played amazingly well for someone as old as me (subjective). I really don't have any complaints except for the guns. D1 had Soulstealers Claw which I loved in Crucible. I do enjoy the Sweet Business/Actium War Rig combo. Love winding that sucker up against a wall and then stepping out to lay waste.

I never could get settled with Sweet Business. I wanted to, but it just doesn't fit me.

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