XB1 DBO ESCALATION PROTOCOL Update (Fireteam Builder Events)

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Hey all!

Glad to see such interest! Honestly surprised this hasn't been done (publicly?) already, but then again, maybe we'll find out. There alot of moving parts to getting this set up, so I wanted to make a post to TRY and streamline all this.

Most pressing issue is...


There will be alot of playing by ear with this. I would like to start working on creating instances BEFORE the scheduled start time. I need to conscript at least two of you, so if you will be on before the scheduled start time of the event, if you could post here to let me know that would be great. Our goal will be to RNG into one another into the same instance on Mars in the "Glacial Drift" Instance. The more help, the better. Shoot, even if you DON'T want to do this event, but are up for feeling helpful, I ask you to post here just to say you are willing to help us make this event a success on this front. We're a clan dang it!

In the event that we are unable to instance in any reasonable time frame, we'll have to either request help from fellow 380 Guardians to join us (I don't want this) that we can find already in map, or those of us who are at 380 can suffer the full brunt of ESCALATION PROTOCOL and hope we get lucky with the randoms.

All in all this will be a Social Exercise, as well as a test in Luck. Roll a 20 ya'll!


TL;DR @ 380+ Light

TL;DR @ 370+ Light

I would also recommend that while not required, if you are Solar then your weapons be Arc and Void based. Same for everything else. Shields? What Shields?

I expect we'll sync our load outs better once we have a confirmed space to play in.

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