I Couldn't Pick Just One! (Destiny)

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I tried to write a description for just one of these Guardians, but they are a set that go together and I couldn’t bear to separate them. If that disqualifies me then so be it! :)

Nairb Travaris -Human Warlock
-A heavily modified Duke Revolver, a gift that his father has long considers stolen.
-A lightly upgraded Pulse Rifle

Nairb is not your typical Warlock. He isn't as well studied as some. His knowledge of The Traveler and the use of its powers while impressive is not unmatched. Compared to top tier Warlocks he might very well be considered second rate. His deficiencies stem from the fact that he was first trained as a Titan by his father. He was meant to continue the centuries old family tradition of service, but after his seventeenth birthday the need to know why that had been in him even since he was a small child finally won out. "There's too much out there that we do not understand. We'll always have warriors, but we'll need thinkers if we really want to survive...." were the last words he ever spoke to his father. Estranged from his family, Nairb threw himself into his studies. He may not be the most powerful or most knowledgable Warlock, but his prior training as a Titan combined with his rapid devouring of all things concerning The Traveler has made him one of the most well respected fire team leaders in recent memory. His hand picked team is often sent in to unsecured areas where field research is needed right now. In this unique dual role of field researcher and team leader he is, indeed, unmatched.

Nairb is a mixture of sorts. He is usually calm, even in chaotic situations, but is much more capable than most Warlocks of recognizing enemy tactics and formulating appropriate responses. Most Warlocks would call him undisciplined, but everyone else would agree that he is simply good natured and friendly

Jennifer "Jenn" Shu - Human Hunter
- A cherished, mid level Scout Rifle
- A highly tinkered with near exotic sniper rifle
- An unmodified and unloaded standard issue shotgun

If little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, then Jenn had an extra ingredient added in there somewhere. Jenn’s mother once commented in exasperation that her daughter had: “a spirt made of one part curiosity and two parts rebellion.” Growing up, Jenn managed to "visit" nearly all the restricted areas of The City by the time she was nine. Often, she would bring back “souvenirs” with her to dissemble or to use as trophies of her accomplishments. Only The City's strongly secured outer wall was able to keep her in check. As she grew older her self developed knack for sneakiness was recognized and put to good use. Finally allowed outside the wall Jenn threw herself whole heartedly into confusing and confounding her instructors. She was nearly booted from Guardian training three times for being more trouble than she was worth, but each time the disciplinary actions were called off from somewhere higher up in the chain of command. Each time she received only minor sanctions, partially because she was too much of an asset to let go of, and partially because no one was sure what she would do if left without an outlet for her skills.

For almost three years Jenn served as an extremely skilled advance scout going in ahead of larger three man fire teams. She deeply enjoyed her role until she had a fateful encounter with a group of Fallen on Earth. Though pinned down in an abandoned building she was sure she could hold out until help arrived, only to have a Fallen Captain sneak up behind her. She noticed him just in time to fight back, but a swipe of his electrified sword cut clean through the front of her helmet and would have killed her if it had cut any deeper into her face. Fortunately her rescuers arrived moments later. They were able to stabilize her and get her back to a hospital, but she was left with a horrible, disfiguring scar running from her left eye, through her nose and lips, to her right cheek. Worse, her near death experience shattered her confidence. Upon waking up from surgery she found that for the first time in her life she was terrified to be alone.

After months of therapy and recuperation Jenn is now trying to face her fears by venturing back out into the wild, this time as part of a group rather than going it alone and was hand picked by Nairb Travaris for his new fire team. Still one of the best at what she does, Jenn has, thus far, been a valuable addition, but she still secretly fears being forced into a close quarters encounter and does everything she can to avoid them.

To most it would seem as if Jenn’s personality was unaffected by injuries. She still comes across as abrasive and cocky. She’ll often taunt and tease her allies as much or more than she does her enemies. She also gets a perverse pleasure in revealing her scared face to those that don’t know her. Before, that was simply who she was, but now it’s all an act. At night, when she is all alone, she is still afraid.

Philip Wilks - Human Titan
- Deep clipped machine gun
- Legendary automatic pistol
- Some type of rocket launcher

Many Titans portray themselves as fearless defenders of The City’s walls, boastfully claiming to be ready for anything. Others maintain a quiet stoicism, as if their heavy armor prevents any emotions from getting in or out. Philip, though, is a worrier. This is a man who, while large and powerful (doubly so when in his armor), will always stare out the window of a dropship departing for a mission and fret as The Traveler sinks below the horizon, or shrinks into the distance. He is very competent and perhaps just a bit obsessive about what he does. He checks, rechecks, and the checks his weapons and equipment once again before a mission. He wakes up at odd hour to pour over mission reports and enemy troop data. And he usually finds himself holding in his private doubts about a plan, not wanting to worry others, only speaking up when urged to do so. He is not a gentle giant, as such, in fact there is little gentle about him, but he is quiet and somewhat reserved… Until a mission begins...

On the battle field, when the bullets are flying, Philip is nothing less than a Legend. "On the battle field there is no time to be timid," he often says. It's as if he simply cannot abide the aliens in front of him disrespecting and desecrating the places Humanity once lived. Both Fallen and Cabal forces have, stunningly, been known to retreat when they find out that he has arrived in a combat zone. He is very nearly the perfect soldier, following orders when it makes sense to, and improvising when it doesn't or when things don’t go according to plan. All of his accomplishments can be summed up with the fact that no mission he has been a part of has ever been considered a failure.

In this time of new, outward exploration, Philip was hand picked by Nairb Travaris much to the chagrin of several top fire team commanders. Philip agreed to join on with the unconventional Warlock largely in part because no one else seemed to try to understand him.

You can read these three's first (very short) story here and I have plans for them in the future. :)

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