Xbox Blind Team check-in. What is your power level? (Fireteam Builder Events)

by DiscipleN2k @, Edmond, OK, Friday, December 07, 2018, 12:36 (656 days ago) @ Chappy

FWIW, my secondary character is 621 and I'm starting my Titan's power grind tonight.


Nice! Did you have saved IB bounties or did raid runs on each character help that much? I managed to get my 2nd character to 618 before starting the third, but got completely boned on rewards. Of my first 11+ powerful rewards, only four were armor and one was a duplicate that dropped one point lower than the one I had just gotten. I guess those four exotics (three of which were Celestial Nighthawks) I got on Monday used all of my RNG luck :p


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