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by cheapLEY @, Friday, December 28, 2018, 19:05 (759 days ago) @ cheapLEY

So, I've decided I'm taking a week off from Destiny, I think. Not because I hate it, but because I love it. I had to fight the urge to fire it up tonight.

It seems like a good time to take a week off. I'm at 650 on my Hunter, so I'm no longer in danger of being "behind." Niobe Labs isn't until the 8th, so there's presumably nothing new next week.

Destiny is so good and fun right now that it's preventing me from playing other things I want to play, such as . . .

Divinity Original Sin II.

I bought this the other night. I loved the first game, despite never finishing it. This sequel seems like more of the same, but better (at least after the five or so hours I've put into it). Unlike the first game, which had a pair of customizable blank slate main characters, this one allows you to choose to play as one of the main party members right out of the gate. Each has a unique back story and questline to follow, which is a great addition. The combat is better than ever, with a strong mix of classic RPG stats and rules, and a very tactical feel (elemental and environmental awareness is critical).

I also desperately still need to finish Red Dead Redemption II, which is what I'm playing tonight.

Seriously, this game is good, if not for everybody. If you decide to check this out, I have some strong advice to help avoid burnout--follow the main story for a good while before you explore too much. I spent way too much time in the first few chapters just dicking around and getting lost in the massive, gorgeous open world. This game is great for that! The problem is, I spent so long doing that, and there's still a 40 hour game behind it, one that will still require tons of traversing that open world and more opportunities for getting lost in it. If you front load that exploration, the game can feel like a slog afterwards. So spread it out!

If you have the patience, this is truly one of the best experiences in gaming, ever. The story it tells is truly masterful, which is not something I say lightly, and not something I would ever expect out of Rockstar. But they have created a great cast of very real feeling characters, and Arthur's story is a truly affecting one. The game is slow and deliberate, and while I understand why that might not be appealing, it is absolutely paid off by the end, and I can't see the story of the game working without that pace.

And just an FYI Celeste one of the year's best platformers will be free for Xbox LIVE Gold members in January. I bought it on Switch, but that travesty of a thing they decided was good enough for a d-pad made it damn near unplayable. I always meant to give it another shot, maybe even buy it on another console, but next month I can finally get back to it.

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