It's a terrible trailer. (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Monday, February 18, 2019, 12:35 (509 days ago) @ Korny

I'm too much of a wimp to ever play an Metro game, but I watched a digital foundry video focusing on the visuals--it has the best video game graphics that I've ever seen.

The Metro games initially interested me because of the way they approach difficulty (specifically, the "Ranger"-tier options, and the "ammo as currency" system). But once I played them, I was taken aback by how, despite being a post-apocalyptic shooter, they played much more like Thief than Rage, and the story and people of the world are way more at the forefront, with a depth to your silent protagonist hinted at through moments of memory and hallucinations. The game is more personal and grounded, and as a result, far more terrifying than dedicated horror games.

And yes, it can be strikingly beautiful (I initially played on the PS3, and the graphics were on another level for me at the time, especially when on the surface).

I'm sure it greatly helps that they had an established book series to draw from (I mean, look how that worked out for The Witcher), but the world is just so rich, and even the over-the-top stuff (Giant bug arena, psychic aliens(?), sentient ball lightning(!?), psychedelic trips through time and space) fits well within the flow of the world, and characters react to it all accordingly.

If you can, I highly recommend watching a playthrough to take in the world and story, but yeah, if you aren't big into feeling terrified, this might not be one you want to play, because some moments in the games are definitely in my top scariest moments in gaming (The Bog shrimp hunting you in Last Light, Jesus Christ, I still shake thinking about it).

Yeah, the video I spoke of wasn't strictly about graphics, but also how well the animations grounded you in the world. Here it is:

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