I love all of these. (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 10:15 (99 days ago) @ Korny


Something Winchy -Exotic Chestpiece
Across the Moebius Strip- The first Moebius Quiver shot that hits a wall above the user's chest-level will create a void zipline back to the User. Teammates can ride these ziplines for the duration of the User's Super, gaining an overshield the longer they ride them. The User will gain a stronger overshield for every teammate that rides the zipline.

Encourages mobility, splitting from a teammate (do you send everyone across, or only flankers?), creative use of a less-popular skill tree, and rewards several members of the team with overshields, while being able to cross between the two points quickly. The Hunter is rewarded with highly increased Survivability if separated from the entire team. Just make sure that you're not over a botomless pit when it runs out (remaining time will be on the lower left as you ride).


Roller Frames - Exotic Gauntlets
Painting Targets- Any grenade damage will mark all targets for any teammate outside of the user's Radar. Marked Targets will take 20% more damage for 7 seconds. Teammate kills against marked targets restore some grenade energy.

Titans can contribute a long-range damage buff that encourages teammates to split from them, while still coordinating against the same enemies. Supports flanking and aggressive play, while punishing enemies for clustering together. Also makes sniping more viable.
Pairs well with Something Winchy.


The Long And Winding Robes - Exotic Chestpiece
Don't Keep Me Waiting Here- Holding reload for two seconds while inside the user's Empowering/Healing Rift will teleport the player to a random spot on the map, while granting them the full benefits of the rift for 7 seconds, and a 30% increase in sprint speed (Teleported Guardians will glow brightly in whatever element the User's subclass is). Supers are unavailable for five seconds after the buff ends. Buffs can be deactivated early by attempting to use your Super.

Throwing a little bit of Anarchy into the gameplay (besides, ya know, the Anarchy weapon itself), while keeping it balanced to avoid getting hit by surprise supers, and making the teleported Guardians glow to let other players know that they're buffed and likely separated from any teammates.
Pairs well with Roller Frames.

Think about how you could fight back against an invader. Or popping one of these and your invader taking the buff and going through the portal. Good way to kite/escape from bosses.

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