They made the best commentary about Zelda that I've read (Destiny)

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I want opinions. Tevis' opinions are often insightful and thought provoking. The whole point of reading critics is to read opinions.

I think this episode of sequelitis makes much the same point, but in a funnier way:

On principle I think it's hard to argue against. Just realize that nostalgia can tilt your views the other way making Ocarina your favorite.

We've seen the animated originals. So we scoff at the live action remakes Disney is putting out. But what of a child who sees Emma Watson as Belle for the first time? Might that be magical? Might they believe that version is superior? Possibly. It's funny Bioware mentioned Bob Dylan because nobody from gen Y or Z cares about him. They are clouded by nostalgia just like you are.

I went to a screening of Not Fade Away years ago and there was a Q&A with the cast and crew. A character in the film asks "There are two great forces in the world. Nuclear Weapons and Rock & Roll. Which will win out?" I asked David Chase how he could even ask that question when it was pretty clear Rock & Roll was dead. He said a lot of stuff and even called me a stupid millennial, but for his truth in his world Rock and Roll was still alive. To people like me in our world it certainly is not.

Everyone is influenced by nostalgia.

To deny that modern games have lost desirable elements from old games is simply wrong. But to deny that modern games do not have advantages is also simply wrong.

Of course the exception is Deus Ex. There will likely never be a better game :-p

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