The Revelry- New MTX event (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 12:48 (658 days ago) @ Korny

Wooo, glad they are continuing to use that Infinite Forrest!

I hope they fully flesh it out one day, but events like the Haunted Forest and this one really serve to highlight the potential of the place.

I like that they are still using it. I honestly don't know if I want them to put a large amount of resources to really use the potential and waste those resources on other new content or if I'm just happy to let them do little changes to it...

I mean, given its modular tile-based design, really all they’d need to do is add more tiles, enemy types, and objectives, and you’ve got a lot of content for the least amount of work. Worked out just fine for DE for the past five years as a stopgap between mainline content drops.

Yeah, I bet they can add new tiles and enemies and stuff. I wonder how hard it is to add new mission types and other mechanics? I mean they did change it up a little bit with the Haunted forest. Well, here is for hoping!

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