I'm in the same boat (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Friday, May 10, 2019, 07:53 (134 days ago) @ Vortech

Except worse. 667 max. I tried it last night and I'm getting one-shot immediately when I came around the corner. I don't know how much time it would take for me to level up, but I hate playing alone and the PS4 player base had dropped to the point that 90% of the time I can play I don't see people I played with on.

I hop on every once in a while. I'm going through the Forge missions right now between Crucible matches, and I've been able to hit 666 (Up from 650s) in the past week alone, so it's an easier climb than before.

My favorite thing about Destiny is how social it is, but it's also the biggest impediment to me being able to play it.

The barrage of different quests and bounties is annoying, especially since half of the stuff is pointless filler grind that blocks you from powerful rewards, which is why I've been so far behind. But fortunately, there's a lot of weekly drop content now. If you hop on and see me on, shoot me an invite, and we'll run through some stuff.

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