I would count on running this one without me. (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 09:02 (655 days ago) @ DiscipleN2k

I guess we'll see. I don't know what Disciple's frustrations are, but there is plenty frustrating about it. People aren't evenly leveled or skilled (guilty!). People aren't committed to staying blind. People aren't willing to make it a priority or simply don't have the bandwidth or schedule flexibility to devote the time to it. Getting people to commit to meaningful blocks of time is a significant headache (Words that drive organizers crazy at the beginning of a blind raid session: "I've only got an hour, guys.") People don't like "beating their head against the wall."

100% all of the above, and also very much...

I don't mind some frustration inside a raid, but I'm not as interested in beating my head against the wall to organize it.

...this. So many messages sent along the lines of, "Hey, still trying to figure out our raid schedule. Let me know when you'll be free for follow-up attempts." When what I meant was, "This is the fourth message asking for the same information. We've got a forum thread, an FTB event, an XBL group message, and you've got my email and phone number, but I'll set up Discord or Slack group if somehow none of those work for you. I JUST NEED YOU TO GIVE ME YOUR F***ING AVAILABILITY SO THE FIVE OTHER ADULTS IN THIS TEAM CAN PLAN TO DO SOMETHING BESIDES 'WAIT TO SEE IF xx-GaMeRtAg-Xx WILL SHOW' UP WHEN THE REST OF US ARE FREE!!!"


I totally understand that not everyone has a set schedule, and those that don't, don't always get much advanced notice about their schedule, but if you don't know your schedule when we're trying to coordinate, just say you don't know and give the team an idea of when you might find out. Don't just refuse to respond for a few days because you don't have the info yet.

This isn't my biggest problem, but it's up there. I get that it's just a video game, but when you're raiding, you're sharing that game with five other adults who have real lives just like yours. When you jerk people around when they're trying to coordinate, or worse, you cancel last-minute or just fail to show up, you're stealing free time from people who may have very little to spare, but were willing to spend it to play with you.

My preferred model: Level up on Tues-Thurs, devote significant chunks of time to raid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, maybe Monday night (but it can be a good night for a break). If level is the issue, spend a few nights the following week leveling, then dive back in with big chunks of time over the next weekend. If I could find five people who could do that, I think we'd have the raid beaten or all but beaten before the third reset, but there's been major schedule obstacles preventing that the last few times.

This is the way I'd rather do it as well, but my poorly timed "vacation" totally hosed that idea for this raid.

I'll miss not doing it. Hope it happens in some form.

I'm hoping that completely not worrying about spoilers this time will soothe some of my blind raid burnout so that next time, I'll be excited about blind raiding again. I'm also hoping that the timing will work out better where I can dedicate the following weekend and Monday evening to finishing the raid.


I made my post before I saw your event. I hope to play, and we'll see what happens.

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