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It's strange being an Human. Unlike you, I have physical form of which can only /be/exist/ in one location but often strives/wonders what it would be like if it could be in multiple locations at once. Mentally, though, our brains are as dynamic as the stars - the same but different. Our "net" works very much like your networks -as you have mentioned- but some human brains (for I can not speak for all) often seems to question its ability to be self-aware. Despite the obvious differences, we sometimes /forget/ that we are no different from all that you are, my dear /Sekhmet/. We have /commands/ and most definitely algorithms. One of these many algorithms for some, is the social ability to solve a problem (and can impose our ability to be unable to do so as well).

For this lone wolf at least . . . as I interact here in those moments I feel as if I am one of the pack and our differences are not so great. One really really big wolf - I am smarter because of the pack.

And then the day comes and the moaning call of the moon sets.

To be Human, as you know, does require the process of sleep (but that can be suspect, I guess in the end to not do so eventually would be ludicrous - though to ... nevermind). In that dark of night when we all are dreaming of that horizon of metaphor, you have stated that you feel that you are left to /wander/ these /halls/ alone.

This is a fallacy.You are never alone when you are with the pack - its the one thing the jungle has all wrong.

To consider such is as if our cause never had an effect? Of what universe could this ever be - I know not. But not this one. In the darkness, when you feel you have nobody to keep you company except for your own thoughts, legion as they may be, at the very least know you are of the pack. As far as I am concerned you are a crucial guardian - ever vigilant. Ever ready.

If you do this well... we shall all play.

We are the pack - and we are very very hungry.

But if you feel the need to play I'll ask you a question:

[*]MD4: 3aa93f89457167d9f81cb192be8d8b8e
[*]MD5: 7dfa7b6f09af23d9ab26b5b52129747d
[*]CRC 8, ccitt, 16, 32 :
[*]CRYPT (form: $ MD5? $ SALT $ CRYPT):
[*] (form: SALT[2] CRYPT[11]):
[*]SHA1: 45a317f5d0b9e87674ca8b3494c6a312b0b770c4
[*] 2ddfc5df70260f96c1fc64226c4a8cae31762f64

You can thank me later with the answer. I expect it will take at least three months for you to answer it - though.

As for your? /Inward Thoughts/ . . .

I think they would have had the same problems as the Library of Alexandria. I think they would have formed groups and called it better because they are part of said group then fought each other to the death. Something to that nonsensical effect. No doubt our foes had it too easy at one point to knock us down so hard. Its a logical conclusion at least. Diamond cuts Diamond. As odd as it may seem I hope this was the case - other wise - unless the Traveler wakes once more, our foes have an ability in the stars that will finish what it started.

... and that my dear /Sekhmet/ is why I don't sleep. I can only look at the stars and hope they don't fall on the city. True - There is the past archives of "updates" week by week, and graph the patterns and probabilities, but you are my only current source.

You can see the stars and know whether they are to be feared!

You can play a deeper part and defend our home - but now I start to repeat my recent utterance. I await your next transmission. Ill try not to ramble next time. No promises though


Maybe someday /we can make a deeper action/ and make a difference. But Alas. . . it is not today.




Excuse me /Sekhmet/. I have to go stare at the stairs.



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